​of Casa Shalom


Casa Shalom Romania

was registered with the

Romanian government

in December 1996.

We bought the building

from a German Church

who wanted to help the

orphans, the street children

and kids at risk..

We had 24 hour care

for 34 children even though

many more came to stay here

for short periods of time..

Now many of our Casa Shalom

Kids are married and have

their own families.

Some are working and

others are still in school.

We are thankful for all the

Romanian kids we have been

able to help over the years.


Casa Shalom has been reaching out to help the orphans and kids at risk since 1996.

Alex. B. came to Casa Shalom when he was only 3 years old.  Now he is 22 yrs old and leading the worship at church.  He is also in his 3rd year at the Romanian- American University. 

Your gifts and donations help us to help more children like Alex.

Our job is finding young people with a little talent and helping them develop it. 



A few days ago we were in a small village north of Bucharest. We met hundreds of

children that need some help with clothing, shoes and school supplies.

No gift is too small, pens, pencils and paper are precious items for these students.

Our priority is always education. Then we help the parents learn a skill so that they will have better living conditions. We encourage them to work and when they work we also work  seeking positive ways to help each family get out of this vicious circle of poverty.      We invite you to help us assist a family so that their children can go to school.


We invite you to be involved in some of our projects. You can donate on line with your credit card, through PayPal  or send a check directly to our office in Virginia or to Christian Faith Ministries in Texas.   HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Casa Shalom Ministries,   P.O. Box 810,   Warrenton, VA.  20188

for questions send an email to  casashalom@gmail.com

We will get a tax deductible receipt to you or all your receipts at the end of the year. 


 You can also send donations to Christian Faith Ministries which may be closer to you.

Christian Faith Ministries,    P.O. Box 50538,  Denton, TX.  76206 - 0538 

There will be a tax deductible receipt sent to you from CFM.  Send a note and mark it for Casa Shalom.



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