Becky in India in 2011



FACTS about India - Population is  1.22 billion,  There are 200 million people in India between the age of 18 and 25.  What an opportunity ! 

Only 51 % of the women are literate while 75 % of the men are literate.

Did you know that ?
  • 3.22 million Indians live in the USA.
  • 36% of NASA employees are from India
  • 38% of Doctors in American are Indian
  • 12% of Scientists in America are Indian

34% of Microsoft employees are from India

Helping Children in India 

  The need is overwhelming and we feel God wants us to help many
children in India.
 In Feb. 2011 we made our first trip to India and fell in love  with the
 people over there.​​


We have met these orphans, widows and some of the Pastors.  We know they love the Lord and rejoice even when they have so little. 

Becky in India in 2011


Did you know that

  • 42 % of the world's poor live in India
  • 450 million people living below the international poverty line of $ 1.25 day.